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“Magische Welten: Sahara - Aufbruch ins Ungewisse”

Uta von Borries (Deutschland) - 44 min

Friday, 09. Nov. 2007 from 13:00 in Grazer Congress - Grüner Saal       

The central areas of the Sahara -the largest wasteland on earth- are deserted. By the middle of the 20th century, most of its parts were unexplored. Today, there is still one white spot on the map: the Erdi-Ma in the extreme north east of the Tschad, which is less explored than the backside of the moon and allegedly a dangerous area of retreat for rebels and bandits. The German geographer and climate expert Stefan Kröpelin is determined to explore this no man’s land. After years of preparation he sets off on an expedition into the region where the three countries Libya, Tschad and Sudan meet. 5,000 km in especially adapted jeeps on difficult ground under extreme climatic conditions check out the limits of the participants. The risk is very high: there is no shelter against raids, no doctor for emergencies. This film documents the explorations in the mythical Ennedi rock labyrinth, with its worldwide unique rock drawings, and the team’s exertions until they really reach the no man’s land. At the end of his dreams Stefan Kröpelin is able to draw a map of the last white spot of the Sahara.