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Climbing on rock and ice Climbing on rock and ice
“Amazonian Vertigo”

Evrard Wendenbaum (Frankreich) - 54 min

Saturday, 10. Nov. 2007 from 09:30 in Steiermarksaal       

The highest waterfall on earth, the “Salto Angel”, precipitates 1,000 m in a free fall from the Auyan Tepuy sandstone plateau in the Amazon area of Venezuela. In the giant wall right next to the waterfall, some of the world’s best climbers intend to open a new route. The difficulties are endless. The humidity of 100% makes the wall slippery and reduces the climbing speed, the holds are rare and unsafe, to lift the whole equipment is exhausting, to set up a hanging biwak on the small ledges is a true challenge. For 15 days, the climbers live above the void under extreme conditions. Food and water have to be rationed, the stress and strains increase due to the bad belay possibilities and the growing exhaustion. Will the team of Arnaud Petit and Stéphanie Bodet reach the summit?