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Alpine and foreign cultures Alpine and foreign cultures
“Länder-Menschen-Abenteuer: Töchter des Hindukusch”

Marc Eberle (Deutschland) - 44 min

Saturday, 10. Nov. 2007 from 09:00 in Stefaniensaal       

The Kalash live in the high valleys of the Hindukush, in the north west of Pakistan, near the border with Afghanistan. During centuries they have succeeded in resisting the Islamization. However, during the last decades, many of them have given way to the pressure to become Muslims. The Kalash believe that the nature around them is inhabited by gods, fairies and ghosts. There are approximately 3,000 Non-Muslim Kalash living in three valleys at an altitude of 1,300 metres. One of them is Shaiba, a young woman, who – together with her friends – prepares for the great springtime festival Joshi. This is the highlight of the year, where the gods mingle with the humans, but it is also a fair and a marriage market for the youth in the village. The open-minded, charming Shaiba and her friends take us with them to the fascinating world of an extraordinary nature religion.