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Olivier Higgins, Mélanie Carrier (Kanada) - 57 min

Friday, 09. Nov. 2007 from 19:30 in Stefaniensaal       

There are so many choices in everyday life! Everyone has their own journey, their own direction, their own azimuth. Olivier Higgins and Mélanie Carrier chose a journey, but most would call it a long adventure, approximately 8000 kilometers long. Riding their bicycles & pedaling through Asia. Olivier and Mélanie travelled from Mongolia to Kolkata, at the mouth of the Ganges in India, passing through Xinjiang, the Taklamakan Desert, Tibet and Nepal. Along the way, they discover the world, but over all, they discover themselves. Who are they? What do they want? What is their place in this world? Maybe, between the encounters, obstacles and the discovery, this daring journey made them reflex... Do we not all have a common "Asiemut"?


Grand Prix Graz 2007

Two young persons undertake a bicycle tour through Asia. They document their trip with a small consumer camera. Both of them have neither a film education nor any experience in making a documentary. The result is one of the most touching travel documentaries.