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Bettina Wobst (Deutschland) - 59 min

Friday, 09. Nov. 2007 from 19:30 in Stefaniensaal       

What did „mountaineering“ mean in the GDR, in a land without high mountains and “behind a wall”? Bettina Wobst worked for a year to answer this question, she talked with contemporary witnesses, who give insights into the socialist climbing scene from various perspectives. The result is a collage made of thrilling, tragic but also funny stories dealing with “mountain dreams in the east”: from the beginning of climbing in the Saxon Switzerland after the war and the fiddle for a Visa for a Pamir expedition, to the drama of the Eiger north face in 1967, where the national team of the GDR lost their lives.


Lobende Erwähnung 2007

Honourable mention for “KletterZONE” for the moving presentation of an unknown chapter of alpine history of East Germany with all the shortcomings and problems caused by the political system.