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Alpine and foreign cultures Alpine and foreign cultures
“GANZ OBEN - Von Älplern, Viechern und Grenzgängern”

Tina Radke-Gerlach, Gabriele Ammermann (Deutschland) - 44 min

Friday, 09. Nov. 2007 from 14:30 in Steiermarksaal       

We are high up in the Alps. The air is thin with little oxygen. Despite the uninviting circumstances, people live here. The 22 inhabitants of the Swiss village Juf in the canton Grisons, which at 2126 m is the highest village in the Alps populated throughout the year, expose themselves to the extreme nature. The church Ziteil at 2500 m is the highest place of pilgrimage in the Alps. An extraordinary working place for the priest Paul Schlienger, who in addition to celebrating the mass also has to care for up to 200 pilgrims per day. Friederike, Maike and Hans would like to learn about the rhythm of nature and apply for a summer-job on an alpine pasture located at 2000 m. Joan and Martin Fischer work as managers in the High Altitude Research Station on the Swiss Jungfraujoch, at 3454 m. An icy life – year in, year out. Why do people choose to life without the benefits of civilisation in such an uninviting mountain world? Exploring their strenuous life in the alpine landscapes, we learn that people who chose this life don’t want to swap with anyone.


Lobende Erwähnung 2007

Honourable mention for “Ganz oben – Von Älplern, Viechern und Grenzgängern” for the convincing and original presentation of three extraordinary professional situations in the solitude of Alpine regions.