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Climbing on rock and ice Climbing on rock and ice

Paul Diffley (Gro) - 42 min

Thursday, 08. Nov. 2007 from 19:30 in Stefaniensaal       

This offbeat dramdoc tells the story of Dave MacLeod’s ascent of ‘Rhapsody’, a route considered to be the hardest traditional rock climb in the world, graded at E11. The steep and intimidating rock face protecting the seaward flanks of the historic Dumbarton Castle in Scotland is the scene of Dave MacLeod’s very personal battle. The film reveals the dedication, frustrations and shear physical and mental effort that goes into MacLeod’s climbing. We see him take a series of terrifying, massive, gut wrenching falls. Relationships become strained as he struggles to cope with the difficulty and seriousness of the endeavour. Doggedly, even obsessively, he keeps returning to his ‘ultimate’ project.