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“Abenteuer Yukon – Durchs wilde Herz Kanadas”

Andreas Kieling (Deutschland) - 44 min

Thursday, 08. Nov. 2007 from 16:00 in Stefaniensaal       

Andreas Kieling has felt attracted by Alaska for 15 years. This time, he wants to explore the Yukon, a river which has become a true legend with its length of 3,000 kilometres from the sources to the mouth in the Bering Sea. At the first stage, he is accompanied by his eleven- year-old son Erik. Father, son and the dog Cita struggle along the old paths of the gold-diggers across cols covered with deep snow, heading towards the Yukon sources. Far away from civilization they dig snow caves as a shelter against the cold, they encounter moose, reindeers and bears. When they reach the Yukon, they continue their journey in a canoe. In this dangerous adventure, Andreas and Erik reach the limits of their strength. The highlight of the journey: on the shores of a lateral river, Andreas succeeds in approaching a group of bears up to a distance of only a few metres. With his underwater camera, Andreas is able to capture the salmon hunting of the giant grizzlies.