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Alpine and foreign cultures Alpine and foreign cultures
“Im Tal der großen Buddhas”

Christian Frei (Schweiz) - 93 min

Wednesday, 07. Nov. 2007 from 19:30 in Schubertkino       

In March 2001, two enormous Buddha statues were blasted by specialists of the terror group Al-Quaida in the remote Bamiyan valley in Afghanistan. The old stone giants had been a unique monument for the advanced culture which blossomed along the Silk Road until the end of the 13th century. The drama of the statues is the basis for a film about fanaticism and diversity, terrorism and tolerance, ignorance and identity. It is a journey along the colourful line which separates yet also reunites man and culture.


Special Prize of the Jury 2007

The Price of the Jury goes to “Im Tal der großen Buddhas” for the exemplary research and precise documentation of background information on a topic which most often has been dealt with in an incomplete way by the global media.