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Wednesday, 2007-11-07
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the collective (Kanada) - 45 min

Wednesday, 07. Nov. 2007 from 20:00 in Dom im Berg       

To roam is to embrace the path that is stretched out before us: curved, straight, up or down. To roam is to know that the up can be long and slow while the down can be fast and gone in the blink of an eye. To roam is to crave the unridden path, to step foot in untrodden dirt, to inhale the unintoxicated air. To roam is to see what can result from the combination of one man’s invention and another man’s human potential. “Roam” is a mountain bike film that follows the travels of the world's top riders as they explore new places to ride and visit some of the notorious meccas of mountain biking. “Roam” is about more than riding bikes – it is about motivating people to take the initiative to go somewhere, no matter how far, and push themselves beyond their comfort zone.