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“Spotlight – Cima Tosa”

Harry Putz 36 min

Wednesday, 07. Nov. 2007 from 20:00 in Dom im Berg       

The Brenta is an impressive mountain massif in the Dolomites. Whereas during the summer months the area around the Cima Tosa is a meeting point of the alpine climbing scene, in winter it is deserted. Only rarely does a roped-party dare to climb the northern ice channel up to the summit in order to then disappear onto the sunny side. Two young free riders take up the challenge to ski and snowboard down the „Canaloni Neri”, the “Black Gorge”, which is the longest steep ice channel in the Eastern Alps. The key spot is in the middle of the channel: a 40 metre glacier step made of sheer ice. The emotion, intention and ethics of this kind of risk are discussed and the “Black Gorge” beams in the spotlight of the Cima Tosa.