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Udo A. Zimmermann
- Germany
Udo Zimmermann was born in 1950 in Passau, Germany. He studied German Philology, Sociology and Geography in Munich, and he as well was a visiting student at the University of Film and Television. After having worked two years at the University of Munich as a scientific employee, he started as an editor at the Bavarian broadcasting company Bayrischer Rundfunk, where he worked mainly on medical programs and, since 1989, more and more with animal and nature films. From 1994 he developed several nature and animal film projects and he was one of the main initiators of the series “Wild Germany”. From 2005 he has been the director of the editorial department “Animals and Nature” and vice-director of the program area of science, education and history. He had the responsibility for nature films, he has produced many films and worked in many co-productions. As a director and author of numerous documentaries, he travelled all over the globe to research and shoot nature films.

Urs Frey
- Switzerland
Urs Frey was born in 1960 in Engadin, Switzerland, and after his final examinations at high school he worked as a herdsman and a coachman. In 1984, he passed the final examination to become a primary school teacher, then he became a museum guide and organized exhibitions in the Natural Museum of Chur, Bünden, and wrote several journalistic works for diverse papers. Beginning in 1988, he studied cultural geography, zoology and fine arts in Bern. In 1994 he finished his studies in cultural geography in the field of alpine history of agriculture and landscape. In addition to scientific projects and to his profession as a teacher for fine arts in the Lyceum Alpinum in Zuoz, Urs Frey started to produce documentaries for the Rhaetian television TVR as a freelance film maker. Beside film portraits of extraordinary people he is as well interested in cultural–historical and ethnographical themes. At the moment he lives as a househusband in Guarda and in Soglio, in Switzerland, together with his family.

Paul Kallmes
Paul Kallmes, born in 1960 in upstate New York, has been climbing for almost 30 years, with ascents and attempts in the Alps, the Canadian Rockies, the Andes, the Himalayas and all over the US. For 5 years he worked as a mountain guide. He authored the award-winning book “Summit: Vittorio Sella - Mountaineer and Photographer”, and has published articles on climbing in numerous publications. In 1995 he presented Sella's 1909 film about the Duke of the Abruzzi's expedition to the Karakorum mountain range at the International Mountain & Adventure Filmfestival Graz. Paul Kallmes worked for the Mountainfilm Festival in Telluride, USA, for 8 years as an art curator and was assistant programmer in 2003. He remains active as a climber and advocate for access to areas in his home areas of Southern California. He has degrees in electrical engineering and environmental risk assessment and is now a professional for licensing and intellectual property management.

Leo Dickinson
- United Kingdom
Leo Dickinson has produced more than 60 films that have won numerous awards in every major mountainfilm festival. His spectacular camerawork and storytelling allows to call him one of the pioneers of modern adventure filmmaking. One of his best films documents the history of the Eiger Northface. Leo Dickinson worked also on famous feature films, such as “Five Days One Summer“, directed by Fred Zinnemann and starring Sean Connery. However, his domain are documentaries. In 1978, he documented Reinhold Messner’s and Peter Habeler’s first ascent of Mount Everest without artificial oxygen. In 1991, Leo Dickinson became the first person to take a hot-air balloon over the summit of Mount Everest. The film “Ballooning Over Everest“ was commissioned by almost any TV Channel on the globe. In 1994, Leo and his wife Mandy filmed “Baseclimb“: A story about two Australian Skydivers leaping off the world’s highest cliff on Great Trango Tower in the Karakorum. Today, Leo Dickinson and his wife Mandy are living near Bristol in Wales.

Heribert Senegacnik
- Austria
Heribert Senegacnik was born in 1955 in Graz. He works as a free-lance film and TV camera man for many different fields such as Eurovision live transmissions, multi-camera recordings, cinema and TV advertisements, as well as and above all documentaries. In 1992, his film “Die Keuschler“ was awarded the “Prix Europe” and was nominated for the Austrian Camera Award. Among his recent most important productions are the documentary in two volumes about Mozart “Wolfgang Wer?“ and the film “Grenze im Süden – Die Karawanken”, which won the Media Award of the Province Carinthia in December 2004. In 2006 he accepted a teaching assignment dealing with the “Production of an image film” at the University of Klagenfurt. Since 2000, Heribert Senegacnik has been the manager of the WDW Film Production Company in Klagenfurt, Austria, and he is presently working on the intermission film “National parks in Austria“ for the New Year’s Concert 2007.

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