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Nature and Environment “Wilde alte Welt – Moderne Zeiten”

Nature and Environment (), Patrick Morris, Klaus Feichtenberger 49 min

In today’s Europe 700 billion people live, most of them in cities. Every spot of Western Europe is or was once cultivated land. Europe has the densest road network on earth. Almost all rivers are regulated and exploited intensively, building has been largely carried out along the coasts. Nevertheless the wildlife is showing stronger signs of life: wild animals are conquering the cities and agricultural land, national parks are being founded all over Europe, the Iron Curtain has developed from the death country into a green corridor. Species which almost disappeared for a long time are now returning on their own, such as wolves, or with human help, such as bears and beavers. The conflict between the exploitation and the protection of wild landscapes continues and the invasions of new species, the changes in climate, the rise of the sea level and tectonic shifting of this still very lively continent raise questions regarding Europe’s future.

Saturday, 11. Nov. 2006 from 08:00 in Congress Graz - Blauer Salon       

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