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Adventure “Patagonia Inlandeis Expedition”

Adventure (), Georg Dehghan (Deutschland) 35 min

The Norwegian extreme adventurer Børge Ousland and the outdoor photographer Thomas Ulrich are the first to cross the Patagonian inland ice completely unsupported: 100 kilometres of water, 450 kilometres of glaciers and several thousand metres of altitude on their ascents and descents. Despite both their struggle against loneliness and their Spartan food consisting of porridge and dried reindeer hearts, the two extreme athletes report on their adventure with enthusiasm. Blood-poisoning, snow blindness and the extremely rough climatic conditions hinder them in their progress. However, they always keep in mind their goal: the small harbour town Porto Natales on the Southern end of Chile. This is an expedition of extreme physical and interhuman experiences testing them to their limits.

Thursday, 09. Nov. 2006 from 14:30 in Congress Graz - Blauer Salon       

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