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Alpine and foreign cultures “Leben im Südtiroler Schnalstal”

Alpine and foreign cultures (), Lisa Eder (Deutschland) 44 min

On the high altitude pastures in the South Tyrol many people live and work as one did hundreds of years ago. We accompany the shepherd Fortunat Gurschler together with his approximately 2.000 animals when he drives the sheep across the highest peaks of the Alps to Austria and we visit Hermann Müller, one of the last farmers on high altitude pastures, whose family has been cultivating the high pastures of the Saxalb Farm since the 14th century. From there to the next village it is a two-hour march, there is no road. The slopes are too steep for technical aids, even for special machines. These impressive pictures document a world which probably will not exist any more in a few years.

Thursday, 09. Nov. 2006 from 14:30 in Congress Graz - Blauer Salon       

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