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Alpine and foreign cultures “Karpaten - Leben in Draculas Wäldern”

Alpine and foreign cultures (), Kurt Mayer 51 min

The biggest and most powerful natural fortress in Europe, the Carpathians, breathes new life. Vasile, the shepherd, is wandering through the ancient forests of Count Dracula. His way leads him to magnificent cultivated land the same as at the beginning of the last century, marked by struggles against nature and by very old myths and customs. He encounters Delia, a modern girl with much sympathy for the “old life”. Eight months later, Vasile’s and Delia’s winter marriage completes the cycle of the year. A fairy-tale of happiness and eternal recurrence in the new Europe.

  • Kamera Alpin in Gold 2006

    Enduring traditions – fresh representation. A true-to-life portrayal of the seasonality of life and love, set in the moody Carpathian Mountains. Ethnographically accurate information comes to life through a tale of emerging love.

Thursday, 09. Nov. 2006 from 14:30 in Congress Graz - Blauer Salon       

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