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Alpine and foreign cultures “Die Sennerin”

Alpine and foreign cultures (), Matti Bauer (Deutschland) 44 min

Uschi is in her late twenties and she wants to become a farmer. This summer, like in previous years, the pretty young woman moves to the loneliness of an alpine pasture high above the Tegernsee Lake. As an alpine dairy maid she will be responsible for 30 cows and calves. During four months, she will make butter and cheese and she will prepare herself for the big examination to become a master farmer. She is very fond of this marvellous mixture of responsibility and freedom and she intends to enjoy this for the last timeā€¦because the next year she is supposed to take over the farm of her parents, although they believe that first of all she should look for a husband.

Friday, 10. Nov. 2006 from 13:00 in Congress Graz - Blauer Salon       

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