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Adventure “Spuren im Sand - Momentkunst in der tunesischen Sahara”

Adventure (), Wolfgang Hackl, Manfred Haspel 45 min

The students of the Viennese Academy of Fine Arts consider their creative stay in the Tunisian desert as not always pleasant, however definitely an enrichment. There is no other place on earth where the senses of perception become more sharpened than in the desert. The expanse and the endlessness give birth to synergies between the landscape and the human. In a land art concept, the young artists set traces into the sand – with coloured cloths, balloons, with the help of fire or of the constantly present desert wind. Some traces remain, most of them are blown away, because land art is born in a moment and lives for the moment. As it is the moment that counts, when one lives a creative process. Thanks to the medium film, the fugitive art of land art can be preserved and made visible.

Friday, 10. Nov. 2006 from 13:00 in Congress Graz - Blauer Salon       

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