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Alpine and foreign cultures “Gesprengte Berge - Getrennte Herzen”

Alpine and foreign cultures (), Marco Rosi 45 min

During the First World War thousands of soldiers of the Austrian imperial army and of the Italian armed forces held positions against each other in the Italian Dolomites, on the summit of the Lagazuoi. With an enormous amount of technical equipment, both sides tried to attain a military advantage by subterranean blasting. These several years of explosions under extreme weather conditions claimed thousands of lives without hardly changing the front lines. Based on diary reports, this documentary describes the development of this absurd situation through the eyes of the soldiers on both sides of the front, and it proves in an impressive way that there is no sense in trying to solve conflicts by wars.

Saturday, 11. Nov. 2006 from 09:00 in Stefaniensaal       

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