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Nature and Environment “Der Alpenkönig kehrt zurück”

Nature and Environment (), Andrea Rüthlein (Deutschland) 43 min

Hardly any other wild animal of the high mountains has ever played such an important role in legends, superstition, popular medicine and culture as the alpine ibex. Its strength, elegance and mighty horns have always fascinated man to such an extent that the ibex was almost extinct in the Alps because of poaching. The last animals of this species could survive in the region of “Gran Paradiso” in the border area between Aosta and the Piemont. In 1856, they were put under protection by the King of Savoyen. The ibex population could regenerate itself. Even today, one can find the finest bulls of Europe there. Gradually, one can observe more and more ibexes in the Eastern Alps. How could the “alpine king” reconquer his realm?

Saturday, 11. Nov. 2006 from 09:00 in Stefaniensaal       

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