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Climbing on rock and ice “Der Rote Turm”

Climbing on rock and ice (), Gerald Salmina 35 min

Looking for new challenges, Herbert Ranggetiner discovers the „Red Tower“ in the Lienz Dolomites. In an altitude of 2,600 m a steep wall of 90 m with an overhang of 15 m stretches up to the sky. It is one of the most difficult faces of the Eastern Alps. During the first ascent, the extreme climber delivers very personal insights into his passion. From vision to reality! Beginning with the definition of the route, the training and numerous attempts in any kinds of weather, all the physical and psychological qualities which are imperative to enable a person to surpass the highest difficulty degree 11, are impressively presented.

Friday, 10. Nov. 2006 from 19:30 in Stefaniensaal       

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