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Alpine and foreign cultures “Im Schatten der Wüste”

Alpine and foreign cultures (), Bettina Haasen (Deutschland) 43 min

Niger, the land of the salt caravans. The 13-year-old nomad boy Cibrilla is allowed to accompany the salt caravan of the Tuareg people for the very first time. He is the youngest in the group who has to walk 1000 km on foot within only 30 days. Before them waits the “Téneré”, the biggest dry desert on earth. Their goal is the oasis Bilma, far away in the desert, where one can find the sought-after salt which then can be exchanged for vegetables and dates. Under the protection of the experienced guide „Madugu“ Adoua, Cibrilla has to pass several tests of courage. Only those can participate in a caravan, who are ready to subordinate themselves to a group and who will not fail because of hunger, thirst or, above all, the omnipresent tiredness. The way through the desert is long, and the nights are bitter cold.

  • Lobende Erwähnung 2006

    A journey – a colour – a story. Beautiful images in combination with a humble, sensitive approach to Tuaregs and dromedaries makes the film become a visual feast.

Friday, 10. Nov. 2006 from 16:00 in Stefaniensaal       

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