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Nature and Environment “The Year Without Summer”

Nature and Environment (), Elmar Bartlmae (Deutschland) 50 min

Almost two hundred years ago peaceful Mount Tambora in Indonesia exploded. It unleashed the most deadly volcanic eruption in human history, wiping out 120,000 people. On the other side of the world the dying began a year later when hundreds of thousands of Europeans and Americans starved. For the first time two experts on opposite sides of the planet investigate: one to search for bodies beneath the volcano, the other to find out whether this explosion really plunged the world into instant climate change. How could that happen, and could it happen again?

  • Lobende Erwähnung 2006

    A volcanic eruption in the south – a disaster in the north. This portrayal of climate change as a result of a volcanic eruption in Indonesia that caused major impact on weather on the other side of the world may provide guidance in our contemporary concern over man-made climate changes.

Friday, 10. Nov. 2006 from 15:30 in Kammermusiksaal       

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