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Climbing on rock and ice “Cerro Torre, el arca de los vientos”

Climbing on rock and ice (), Ermanno Salvaterra (Italien) 20 min

“Again on this wonderful mountain”: For the fifth time Alessandro Beltrami returns to Cerro Torre, to climb the route on which Cesare Maestri and Tony Egger claimed to have reached the summit 47 years ago. Alessandro is facing this challenge again. Together with his young and strong team, Alessandro succeeds in opening a new route within two days.

  • Kamera Alpin in Gold 2006

    Climbers don’t climb mountains to make films. The focus of this movie is the severity and importance of a major alpine ascent on one of the most spectacular mountains in the world; just capturing footage under such conditions is a major accomplishment in and of itself.

Friday, 10. Nov. 2006 from 14:30 in Steiermarksaal       

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