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Adventure “Loop”

Adventure (), Sjur Paulsen (Norwegen) 78 min

Searching for extraordinary ski trails, a mining engineer and a fishing enthusiast are travelling from Narvik to the Lofoten Islands on a cutter. A marketing expert manages to climb one of the most difficult routes of Norway all alone, just to BASE-jump from the top then. After some foreign assignments for the UN a paramedic takes some time out from his exhausting job for some months to monitor a large forest area and prevent outbreaks of fire. What unites these four men, is a typical professional career on the one hand and the courage to defy conventions on the other hand. Between these three stories we see Arne Naess, a philosopher and adventurer in his nineties, as he tells about his life and the cognitions he gained.

  • Kamera Alpin in Gold 2006

    A poetical dimension of adventure. Four protagonists experience substantially different adventures. Sparely presented action scenes create an unexpected overlay of tension throughout. Refreshingly clear and youthful reflections from the nonagenarian Arne Naess nicely interweave the elements of this film. A cinematographic masterpiece.

Thursday, 09. Nov. 2006 from 19:30 in Stefaniensaal       

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