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Daniela Cecchin
Daniela Cecchin was born in Switzerland and spent first years of childhood there. In 1970 she moved to Italy, where she took her high-school diploma at the commercial school. She studied sociology at the University of Trento. From 1977 to 2000 she worked in the secretary’s office of the International Mountain & Adventure Film Festival of the City of Trento where she was above all responsible for the international relations with directors and producers, for the programmes, exhibitions and brochures of the Festival, as well as for the development of a photo archive. She is still working for the Film Festival Trento up to this day. Additionally she organises the public relations for art galleries and cinematographic festivals. Furthermore she works for several publishing houses and has published a video series presenting the best mountain films. As a private person she also loves to travel. Therefore she has been to see all the mountains that she deals with in her professional life.

Tomaz Humar
Tomaz Humar was born in 1969 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. With his solo climb of the scary Dhaulagiri-south face in 1999, he marked alpine history and today he counts among the world best all-round mountaineers. He is extremely strong on difficult rock and ice as well as in the high altitudes of the Himalayas. However, shortly after his Dhaulagiri-odyssey, his career seemed to have come to an end when he fell from the roof of his new private house. The doctors didn’t see any way of him mastering his future live without using a wheelchair. Due to his incredible ability of motivating himself even at this difficult time, he succeeded in achieving the impossible, as he had done before during his 1500 successful climbs. He gave his book the very fitting and striking title “No Impossible Ways“, referring to having found the most difficult “way” back into a normal life. He was awarded for his achievements with great international prizes, such as the French award “Piolet d’Or“ in 1996. His partner and filmmaker Stipe Bozic also won numerous important international prizes for his documentaries of Humar’s outstanding achievements. In summer 2005, Humar attempted a solo climb on the highest wall on earth, the 4500 m high Rupal face of Nanga Parbat, on a new route. However, bad weather turned in and he was left struggling with difficulties at the altitude of 6300 m. Fortunately he was rescued out of the wall by a courageous helicopter pilot from Pakistan.

Dr. Wolfgang Frey
Born in 1947 in Linz, the director and cameraman Wolfgang Frey already started producing films whilst studying theatre sciences, psychoanalysis and doing a course on interpreting. These films have been shown in various Austrian broadcasting series, such as in “Wissen aktuell“, “Telemed“ and “UNIVERSUM“. To this day he has created approximately 500 films and TV contributions as a cameraman, script writer or director – such as a documentary on a French expedition to Africa. For educational school TV-programmes he has realized approximately 300 film contributions in the past 30 years. Many of his films have been awarded prizes, recently his film “In Harmony With Nature“ won the “International Industry Film Award” for Austria. For more than 20 years, Dr. Wolfgang Frey has been a member of the board of the Austrian Association of Film Producers (AAFP) and of the “Verwertungsgesellschaft für Audiovisuelle Medien (VAM)”. He has also made a name for himself in the field of designing camera equipment.

Jesús Bosque
Jesús Bosque was born in 1955 in Zaragoza. He studied photography, video techniques and social work in Spain. In 1980, he started producing films about indigene population groups and their cultures in Bolivia, Ecuador, Columbia and Guatemala, in cooperation with the UNICEF and other institutions. In addition to his ethnographic documentaries he also made a name for himself in the field of mountain films. His oeuvre “The Mountains of Yesterday” won numerous international film awards, among others also the “Alpine Camera in Gold” of Graz in 1999. Further alpine documentaries such as “Thumbnail” followed. Jesús Bosque is an enthusiastic climber and paraglider. According to the seasons he also undertakes extensive ski tours or dedicates himself to the fascinating sport of canyoning.

Hans Fischer
Hans Fischer was born in 1962 in Rackenthal in Oberpfalz/Bavaria. After having been to high school in Weiden and Oberviechtach, he started a career as a professional photographer. In 1986, he began to work at the Bavarian broadcasting company “Bayerischer Rundfunk” as a camera assistant. In 1996, he became a cameraman at the Bavarian TV and shot many documentaries in Germany and foreign countries, such as Asia, Africa, and North America using all common production formats. Since 2002, Hans Fischer has been chief camera man at the Bavarian TV company and is therefore responsible for the pictures and the artistic achievements of his camera team. For several years he has been working with the famous Bavarian director Franz Xaver Bogner. One of his main efforts is to support the work of young camera men in cooperation with the Academy of Film and Television in Munich and with the University for Technical Sciences in Munich and Berlin. This year, his latest project was a documentary about poisonous snakes and warans in the wilderness of Indonesia.

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