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Alpine and foreign cultures “Afghanistan – Der Junge aus dem Tal der Buddhas”

Alpine and foreign cultures (), Ulrike Becker (Deutschland/Germany) 44 min

The high valley of Bamiyan is one of the most fascinating landscapes in the Hindukusch. It is famous for its colossal Buddha statues, which used to be the largest in the world before they were destroyed by the Talibans in 2001. In summer 2004, rumours emerged that underneath the earth of Bamiyan there lay hidden a third over 300-m-long giant Buddha. For the Hazara, the people living in Bamiyan, this spectacular research mainly means paid work, which is a rare fortune in this region still suffering from the consequences of the war. The 14-year old Sajjed Daoud feeds his seven-person family on the money he earns as an archaeological excavation worker.


Saturday, 12. Nov. 2005 from 09:00 in Stefaniensaal       

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