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Nature and Environment “Dhole - der böse rote Hund”

Nature and Environment (), Andrea Rüthlein, Udo A. Zimmermann (Deutschland/Germany) 43 min

Some people may already know the Dhole or red dog from Rudyard Kipling’s „Jungle Book“ as a synonym for “red danger”. Today the Dhole can only be found in India, and even there they themselves live in danger. For years, in the south Indian Periyar national park these highly sociable animals that live in herds, can be observed at close quarters. The characterisation of the red dogs, as described in Kipling’s Jungle Book, appears to be unfair. Therefore, this film tries to retell the story of the Dhole, the so called “bad red dogs”.


Saturday, 12. Nov. 2005 from 09:00 in Stefaniensaal       

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