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Climbing on rock and ice “Mount Poi – Das große Ding”

Climbing on rock and ice (), Jochen Schmoll (Deutschland/Germany) 26 min

Mount Poi, the biggest monolith in Africa, is the goal of a four-man team around Stefan Glowacz. They have only a route description of the eastern face and a black-and-white photo of the Mount Poi when they set off on their expedition. After having reached their goal, the first ascent of the planned route through the 700 m high east face reveals to be impossible. However, in base camp, the disappointment of the climbers is soon reduced thanks to the encounter with the Samburus, the aborigines of Kenya. Even for the accomplished globetrotters Stefan Glowacz and Kurt Albert, the insight into the world of the Samburus is a most impressive adventure. At the end, the team is nevertheless overcome with climbing fever and they climb Mount Poi on another route in grade nine.


Thursday, 11. Nov. 2004 from 16:00 im Stefaniensaal       

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