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Frank Moll
- Groningen, Netherlands
Frank Moll was born on 13 February 1956 in Groningen, Netherlands. In 1982, he studied at the Rochester Institute of Technology in New York. In 1987 he finished his education with a master’s degree in filmmaking at the Film Academy in Amsterdam. Frank Moll has a variety of film interests: For example, he shot a documentary about the Nanga Parbat and Mount Everest, about surfing expeditions to the Titicaca Lake, as well as reports about Greenland. At the moment, Frank Moll is working on a documentary about Dutch mountaineers. His favourite activities are solitary hiking in the Alps, climbing in the Himalayas and sailing.

James Heyward
- Christchurch, New Zealand
James Heyward was born on 5 January 1961 in Christchurch, New Zealand. He studied at Christ’s College and at the University of Victoria. James Heyward is a producer, writer and director. His film production company “Making Movies” specializes in the fields of adventure, travelling and extreme sport disciplines. For his productions, he has travelled to the Himalayas, to Tibet and Nepal, to the South Pacific and New Zealand, and to the Antarctic. His productions have been broadcast by many famous TV stations such as Discovery, National Geographic, NHK, Rai Uno, BBC, ABC and OLN. The most important thing in his life is his family and his strength in his profession is to stay calm in all – even the most thrilling – situations.

Christoph Höbenreich
- Innsbruck, Austria
Christoph Höbenreich was born in 1968 in Innsbruck, Tyrol. He studied geography and sports pedagogy at the University of Innsbruck and graduated with a thesis about “Sanfter Alpentourismus im Hochgebirgs-Naturpark Zillertaler Alpen” (Sustainable Alpine Tourism in the High Mountain Nature Park Zillertaler Alpen). This passionate all-round alpinist and certified mountain and ski guide has succeeded in numerous climbing, skiing and ice climbing tours in the Alps and in the most important mountain areas on earth, such as the Karakorum, Himalayas, Kun Lun, Caucasus, Elburs, Andes, the Cordilleras in North and Central America, East Africa, and in the Antarctic. He was a security man and camera assistant during the Austrian TV expedition “Universum Arktis Nordost”, where he worked in the Franz-Josef-Land in the Arctic Ocean for several months. Today he gives lectures on alpine courses at the Institute of Sport Sciences at the University of Innsbruck.

Aleksander Lwow
- Cracow
Aleksander Lwow was born on 18 September 1953 in Cracow. In 1973, he completed the technical training to be an aviation mechanic in Wroclaw. In 1983, he graduated from the Technical University of Wroclaw with a Master of Science in mechanical engineering. Aleksander Lwow is the editor and publisher of the mountaineering magazine “Góry i Alpinizm”, and he is also the author of numerous articles, press reports and books on alpinism. Aleksander Lwow has worked as producer and host of his own television program devoted to mountaineering. His climbing career started in 1970 and he became champion in numerous climbing competitions. Among his greatest achievements is the first winter climb of “Superdirettissima” on Kazalnica Miêguszowiecka. During an expedition to Afghanistan in 1977, he made the first ascent of the 3,000-metre left pillar of Kohe Shahaur (7,116 m), establishing a new route. In 1979–80, Aleksander Lwow participated in the first expedition to summit Mt. Everest (8,848 m) in winter. In addition, he climbed in the Tatras, the Alps, Norway, the Pamir, the Afghan Hindu Kush, the USSR, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, Hungary, the Caucasus and the Himalayas. Currently, Aleksander Lwow farms 20 hectares of land in Konradów near Ladek Zdrój.

Peter-Hugo Scholz
Peter-Hugo Scholz was born in 1954. After having finished school in 1975 he worked as a volunteer at the newspaper “Junge Welt”. Peter-Hugo Scholz finished his studies in journalism at the University of Leipzig in 1980. In 1985 he graduated with a thesis about mass media in Africa and Asia and started to work as a freelance writer for several magazines and newspapers. At the beginning of the 1990s, Peter-Hugo Scholz worked for various film festivals such as the International Film Festival of Documentaries and Animated Films in Leipzig and for several TV stations. His films deal with diverse subjects such as climbing in Patagonia, the first Saxon expedition to Spitzbergen and a portrait of Luis Trenker.

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