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Nature and Environment “Söhne der Wüste – Durch Gobi und Taklamakan”

Nature and Environment (), Bernd Liebner, Cheng Wie 50 min


The deserts Gobi and Taklamakan in Central Asia consist of endless stone fields, giant sand dunes and very few oases. The legendary caravans of the Silk Road passed along their borders throughout the centuries. In the 1920s, a Swedish adventurer traversed the desert landscape with 60 men, 300 camels and 40 tons of provisions and equipment. His name: Sven Hedin. He was to explore the possibility of creating a flight path between China and Europe for the German airline Lufthansa. As a highlight of the expedition, Hedin solved the mystery of the “Floating Lakes of Lop Nor” in the middle of Taklamakan.


Saturday, 15. Nov. 2003 from 08:30 im Congress Graz - Blauer Salon       

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