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Alpine and foreign cultures “Volk der Sonne und des Windes”

Alpine and foreign cultures (), Walter Helfer, Kristijan Andersson, Holger Wittekindt 60 min


The people in Samiland still live according to the laws of nature. Because of their old nomadic traditions they are called „ the people of sun and wind“. They live by raising reindeer, and they hunt in the forests and in the tundra beyond the Polar Circle. At the same time, they have normal jobs in modern society. They are part-time nomads and part-time members of civilisation; however, they are Samis forever. This is a difficult balancing act between two different worlds. In their passports, they are declared as Norwegians, Swedish, Finnish and Russians, with a special status however. The most important unifying elements are their language and their culture. Their maintaining of the old traditions, their tight relationship to nature, and their strong relationships within their families have enabled their culture to survive. This film follows the Sami people during the change of seasons to their “land” – to Samiland. Winter and summer underscore not only the hardness but also the beauty of Samilife in the Nordic nature.


Saturday, 15. Nov. 2003 from 08:30 im Congress Graz - Blauer Salon       

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