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Adventure “Bike for Help - Eine humanitäre Expedition für Leprakranke”

Adventure (), Claudio von Planta, Christoph von Toggenburg 40 min


Bike for Help is a documentary based on the video-diary made by the 26-year-old Count Christoph von Toggenburg, a Swiss /Austrian photographer and painter. In January 2002, Christoph left Dehli and biked through Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, Greece and Italy and arrived in Switzerland in June 2002. With this humanitarian adventure, Christoph has collected money for leprous people and he has demonstrated that an individual can also contribute to improving the world. During this expedition, the “knight on his bike” covered 9,300 km in five months, and he traversed seven nations on two continents. He struggled against endless deserts, wild sandstorms, torturing heat and stormy winds. This documentary gives an insight into the ideals and targets of a young man faced with extreme physical and mental challenges.


Friday, 14. Nov. 2003 from 13:00 im Congress Graz - Blauer Salon       

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