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Climbing on rock and ice “Solo für Bubendorfer”

Climbing on rock and ice (), Stefan Albrecht, Marcus Lindemann 45 min


Thomas Bubendorfer (39) is an extreme climber. Without rope and belay he climbs the most dangerous mountains in the world. There is no face too steep, no gorge too deep. At the height of his success, he had a bad accident during a publicity film shot. He fell 20 metres and was seriously injured. “No more climbing,” the doctors said. But climbing is Bubendorfer’s life and he starts to struggle. The extreme climber proves that there are always new ways to do what seems impossible. One year after his bad accident, he is on top again. Thomas Bubendorfer lives and trains in Monte Carlo. Directly in front of his house, he has magnificent climbing areas offering more than 500 different routes. His climbing philosophy is not to “conquer” a mountain, but to “study” and then to “go on the mountain”. This feature without commentary texts portrays the extreme climber Thomas Bubendorfer. His lecture about the parallels between mountaineering and management is the structure of the film, delivers the superstructure of his biography and therefore makes it comprehensible. Two times he has failed with two spectacular projects: the solo climb of Mount McKinley and of the Cerro Torre. He never gives up, however, and he is convinced that one day he will do these mountains. His mountaineering colleagues ask for actions instead of words, and even the public doubts whether Bubendorfer will be able to realize his goals.


Thursday, 13. Nov. 2003 from 13:00 im Congress Graz - Blauer Salon       

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