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Alpine and foreign cultures “Heimat”

Alpine and foreign cultures (), Dietmar Höss, Daniel Mahlknecht 71 min


“Heimat” is a film which originates in South Tyrol, Italy. However, South Tyrol represents many regions. What happens here happens in similar ways in the rest of Europe. The time in which the change from a society of individual farmers into a “modern” society takes place is especially important for South Tyrol. What in other countries took decades, happened here at a high speed. What sounds like a fairytale first had to pay its due. There are unrestrained developments and the Alps are overrun by mass tourism. Old traditions and customs degenerate into entertainment, and South Tyrol becomes the Alpine Disneyland.


Thursday, 13. Nov. 2003 from 13:00 im Congress Graz - Blauer Salon       

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