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Alpine and foreign cultures “Urgan, Child of the Himalayas”

Alpine and foreign cultures (), Corinne Glowacki, Phillippe Bigot (Frankreich/France) 52 min


No tourists were allowed in the Nubra Valley of Ladakh in the northern Himalayas until 1993. Still today, the remote village of Tangyer is isolated and rarely do visitors make the journey of several days to the Nubra Valley. According to Buddhist social structures, the youngest son of a family must become a buddhist monk or lama. We can learn about the traditional formation and education of young monks and about the philosophical background, when we watch nine-year-old Urgan on his several-days journey, which he undertakes together with his cousin Norbo, from the familiarity of his home village to the famous monastery Thikse Gompa. Like everywhere else in the world, here, too, the tensions between traditional life and so-called modern civilization become clearly evident.


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