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Alpine and foreign cultures “Leni Riefenstahl – Ein Traum von Afrika”

Alpine and foreign cultures (), Ray Müller (Deutschland/Germany) 60 min


In this extraordinary documentary, the recently deceased Leni Riefenstahl describes her special relationship to the African people Nuba. She lived with the Nuba tribes in the Sudan in the early 1960s. The world-famous photography books of this archaic people also date from this time. The re-encounter with the Nuba two years ago in a country which was marked by a cruel civil war was a journey into Riefenstahl’s personal past as well as a confrontation with the natural paradise that has been destroyed by the processes of civilization. For the first time, film extracts from her African archive will be shown, which in a certain way – in the context of picture structure – parallel her works for the Third Reich. This last journey to the people of the Nuba was not blessed with good fortune. Attacks by the rebels against the travellers and also the helicopter crash, which all of them survived, symbolize in an extended sense the critical examination of this outstanding personality.


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