Nature and Environment- 34 Beiträge

Films that deal with preservation and presentation of the environment, nature and wildlife.

Beat Bieri
93 min German
Switzerland is an over-exploited country. Thousands of animal and plant species are threatened with extinction. But... mehr info >
Jürgen Hansen & Simone Stripp
44 min German
Before the wolves returned to the oldest national park in the world, the wapiti had breeded almost unhindered for... mehr info >
Harald Pokieser
50 min German
Uganda unites the entire magic of Eastern Africa. On the western border of Uganda, the snow-covered, over 5,000... mehr info >
Petra Höfer, Freddie Röckenhaus
44 min German
Spring, summer, autumn and winter do not only bring colour to our forests, they also open short time windows, which... mehr info >
Melissa Lesh, Tim Laman
17 min English
In the vanishing lowland rainforests of Borneo, new research is underway to uncover and understand the unique... mehr info >
Volker Schmidt-Sondermann
44 min German
Central Europe sees the return of a long dreaded but also mythologized predator. The discussion about the risks and... mehr info >
Franz Hafner
51 min German
In the far east of Russia, about 6,000 km from Moscow, there is the richest, and, at the same time, the most hostile... mehr info >
Neil Gelinas
94 min English
The Okavango River Basin provides a vital source of water to about 1 million people, the world’s largest population... mehr info >
Julien Huger
23 min non verbal
The Alps in winter. Men and machines engage in a strange ballet to shape the mountain. The territory resists and... mehr info >
Verena Schönauer
90 min German
The Gotthard Pass counts among the most important Alpine crossings in Europe. The story of its development from a... mehr info >
Andrea Gastgeb
50 min German
The arid high planes of the Atacama Desert, the mist-shrouded island mountains in Sri Lanka, the snow-covered... mehr info >
Maurício Dias
43 min German
Only thanks to the new technologies of satellite maps, have scientists discovered an almost 2000m high mountain chain... mehr info >
Alice Agneskirchner
97 min German
Wolves roam the German forests, as do boars, foxes, deer, chamois as well as people. We decide, which animals may be... mehr info >
Jan Haft
50 min German
Norway has the highest number of fjords in the world. Sometimes they extend up to 200 km into the land, where, in the... mehr info >
Martin Dohrn und Joe Loncraine
52 min German
The Jura National Park in the alpine Franco-Swiss borderlands is the setting of a truly epical saga. This is the... mehr info >
Andrea Rüthlein
45 min German
Since the 18th century, Lake Maggiore between the Italian Switzerland and Northern Italy has attracted wealthy guests... mehr info >
Lutz Maurer
45 min German
The Schafberg Mountain is a mountain with two faces. From the south, from St. Wolfgang, you can easily reach the... mehr info >
Anne et Erik Lapied
69 min French with German subtitles
Two eagle chicks are born high up on a big cliff. This is the beginning of a story, which shows us the animal world... mehr info >
Jan Haft
44 min German
Many people are aware that over the past years fewer and fewer of the colourful butterflies can be seen in our... mehr info >
Oliver Goetzl
56 min English
At the very northern edge of Canada lies Ellesmere Island, where the unforgiving Arctic winds tear through the... mehr info >
Erik Baláž
50 min German
The Tatra Mountains loom far above the clouds – the smallest high mountain range on earth. Some species have thrived... mehr info >
Barbara Puskás
52 min German
Albania, located in south-eastern Europe, between Greece, Macedonia, Kosovo and Montenegro, boasts a breathtakingly... mehr info >
Ralf Blasius
52 min German
From the snow-covered Alpine summits to the wide Danube delta and the hot south of Spain – Europe’s landscapes offer... mehr info >
Astrid Miller
43 min German
In many European regions, the boars had been completely exterminated or chased away, however, the boars have come... mehr info >
Ulf Marquardt
50 min German
The four biggest rivers in Europe – Rhine, Rhône, Danube and Po – are fed by the waters of Swiss glaciers. The Swiss... mehr info >
Annette Scheurich
44 min German
It is hard to believe, but the biggest enemy of brown bears is hunger. In the springtime, when the grizzlies leave... mehr info >
Jean-Michel Corillion
90 min French
The mysterious Namoroka Tsingy is the last unexplored area of Madagascar. For the first time, world-class scientists... mehr info >
Bernhard Rübe
52 min English
Caribbean coral coasts and islands, formed out of living and once-living creatures, are now a labyrinth of life... mehr info >
Lothar Frenz
43 min German
You love horror films? Cruel deaths, mass murderers and tricky killers? Do wondrous escapes in the last second give... mehr info >
Petra Höfer, Freddie Röckenhaus
44 min German
Mushrooms build their own “Wood Wide Web” which turns the forest into a giant organism. The trees use this system to... mehr info >
Petra Höfer, Freddie Röckenhaus
44 min German
The lavishly produced “Terra X” documentary depicts the dangerous journey of migrant birds with sophisticated CGI... mehr info >
Mirjana Momirovic & Caroline Haertel
51 min German
Stjepan Vokic has lost his heart to a stork lady. For 24 years, the pensioned concierge has cared selflessly for the... mehr info >
Jürgen Eichinger
44 min German
Birds of prey are fascinating animals with their unique sensory abilities, stunning aerobatics and sophisticated... mehr info >
Iris Gesang
44 min German
The wildlife filmmaker Andreas Kieling accompanies scientists all over the world and thus gains access to specially... mehr info >