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Details Saturday, 17. Nov. 2018

Christian Schmidt
30 min German, English, Italian with English subtitles
Simone Moro and Tamara Lunger are an unequal roped team, with great goals and a difference of age of 18 years. The... mehr info >
Jérôme Tanon
55 min English, French with German subtitles
This multi-voice adventure and expedition film is an intimate travel diary. The setting is a remote glacier in the... mehr info >
Jen Randall
64 min English
Based on his best-selling auto-biography “Psycho Vertical”, this is a raw and emotive study of the complex life and... mehr info >
Juliane Möcklinghoff
30 min German
The Lienz Dolomites are his “home”, although he has never seen them. Mountains have a magic attraction for him. Andy... mehr info >