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Details Saturday, 17. Nov. 2018

Alexander Preuss
25 min German
Lena, from Füssen in the Allgäu Region, has a passion for mountains. She especially loves climbing. For one year now,... mehr info >
Bernadette Hauke
25 min German
Lukáš just loves overhangs. For this, you have to be very strong and very flexible, which is no problem for the... mehr info >
Stefan Fritsche
18 min German with German subtitles
The “Golden Shower” climbing route, opened by Stefan Glowacz, counts among the most difficult multi-pitch routes in... mehr info >
Carina Brunnauer
26 min English, German with German subtitles
What happens if the passion for your dreams fades away? Do you just stop dreaming? Or do you search for the missing... mehr info >