Bernadette Hauke (Deutschland)
Lukas der Kletterer
25 min
Bernadette Hauke (Deutschland)
Sports in Mountains & Nature
Lukáš just loves overhangs. For this, you have to be very strong and very flexible, which is no problem for the 11-year old Czech. Because Lukáš has been climbing since he started walking. Lukáš cannot imagine a life without climbing. However, he is very much annoyed with his extreme nervousness before climbing competitions. Often, he was the youngest participant, who had to climb in the same category with the 13-year olds. He has won national awards three times in series. Once, Lukáš even managed to climb the 7+ grade. Therefore, he now trains every day, because he wants to reach the next higher level. His idol is one of the world’s best climbers, Adam Ondra, who teaches him.
One day, Lukáš wants to climb a 10.