Nature and Environment- 47 Beiträge

Films that deal with preservation and presentation of the environment, nature and wildlife.

Kurt Mayer
51 min German
The plumed inhabitants of the Topkapi Palace use the stormy winds to build their nests. Dolphins chase between the... mehr info >
Waltraud Paschinger
52 min German
A calm brook meanders through an untouched, smooth mountain landscape: the Lonka is the heart of the Biosphere... mehr info >
Manfred Corinne
45 min German
Once upon a time, there lived more than 19.000 wapitis in the Yellowstone national park, today hardly 4000. For... mehr info >
Mike Birkhead
50 min German
Jagged rock formations, colourful stones and in between wide grass planes – the Badlands offer an extraordinary... mehr info >
Michael Schlamberger
90 min German
Off the African continent, powerful volcanic activities created the seven Canary Islands, which host a particularly... mehr info >
Jean-Michel Bertrand
92 min French with English subtitles
This film is a personal quest - the story of a crazy gamble taken by a passionate dreamer – of an anti-hero capable... mehr info >
Véronique, Anne et Erik Lapied
70 min French with English subtitles
Colin is nine years old. Whenever he visits his grandparents in the national park Gran Paradiso, the two nature... mehr info >
Jake Norton, Pete McBride
60 min English
Once celebrated for its purity, the Ganges River of India now carries contaminates from its glacial headwaters, where... mehr info >
Klaus Uhrig, Till Krause
51 min German
Some discoveries sound too fantastic to be true. Plants exist, which are able to extract heavy metals from the soil,... mehr info >
Colin Arisman
35 min English
Hidden in the interior of the Pacific Northwest lies the largest remaining inland temperate rainforest on earth. This... mehr info >
Risteard O'Domhnaill
76 min English
„Atlantic“ follows the fortunes of three small fishing communities united and divided by the Atlantic Ocean... mehr info >
Davide Calafa
3 min English
A 6 days hike with a couple of friends into the wild, carrying everything necessary to explore a part of the... mehr info >
Susanne Lummer
50 min German
They navigate without maps, build fortifications made of their own bodies, hunt with water pistols and form super... mehr info >
Jan Kerckhoff
45 min German
Remote, inaccessible, hostile. The dry, cold steppes in China’s wild west. Here, the last wild yaks have survived, on... mehr info >
Klaus Feichtenberger
43 min German
The first part of the three part series was shot mostly at an altitude of 5000m. Also with the help of drones, the... mehr info >
Heinz Leger
43 min German
In the third and last episode, the giant river, which has started its journey as the Yarlung-Tsangpo in the icy... mehr info >
Florian Guthknecht
44 min German
The turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea host a varied eco-system. Bizarre corals and intertwined mangroves have a... mehr info >
Quinn Berentson & Mark Strickson
44 min English
New Zealand’s extraordinary landscape is no easy ride; it has been violently forged by volcanism and earthquakes to... mehr info >
Bertram Verhaag
97 min German
Poisoned soil, resistant super weeds and contaminated cereals are the result of the devastating gene-modified... mehr info >
Florian Breier, Elmar Bartlmae
52 min non verbal
At the beginning of April 1815, the volcano Tambora on the Indonesian island Sumbawa erupted. Over 117.000 people... mehr info >
Louis Saul
29 min German
Snow cannons, mini Dirndls, Alpine car races, parties with party animals at an altitude of 3.500 metres. Tourism... mehr info >
Gernot Lercher
51 min German
The Romanian Carpathians, the hot steppe of Spain, the romantic island world off the shores of Wales, the... mehr info >
Helmut Lechthaler und Sebastian Marseiler
49 min German
More than 50 years ago, a tremendous thunderstorm in South Tyrol had transformed, within a short time, peaceful... mehr info >
Will und Lianne Steenkamp
50 min German
Five young male lions have succeeded in emancipating themselves from their mothers. Now, they are on their way to... mehr info >
Erich Pröll
50 min German
It is a giant underwater mountain range which rises out of the middle of the Atlantic, and whose highest summits form... mehr info >
John Murray
55 min German
Mystic, wild and of a breath-taking beauty, a luminous, emerald-green diamond in the remotest corner of Europe – this... mehr info >
Jeremy Hogarth
43 min German
The powerful canyon system of the Yarlung-Tsangpo, the upper course of the Brahmaputra, is far more powerful than the... mehr info >
Ljubomir Stefanov and Tamara Kotevska
30 min English
Filmed over one year, this documentary follows the changing fortunes of beautiful Lake Prespa in Macedonia – one of... mehr info >
Matt Hamilton
50 min German
The devastating forces of earth have once created a territory of incomparable natural beauty and variety – the island... mehr info >
Beat Bieri
90 min German
Since his first encounter with bears, 30 years ago, the Swiss-Canadian bear scientist Reno Sommerhalder has been... mehr info >
Jeremy Hogarth
51 min German
Can one man alone save a species from becoming extinct? The Austrian series Universum accompanies Peter Praschag from... mehr info >
Bärbel Jacks
45 min German
Herbs are fascinating plants, because they are true all-rounders. They smell, they taste good and they possess... mehr info >
Nika Saravanja, Alessandro D'Emilia, David Monacchi
62 min english, italian, spanish
Follow the eco-acoustic composer David Monacchi on his quest to record pure continuous 24-hour 3D soundscapes in the... mehr info >
Volker Arzt, Angelika Sigl
60 min German
New Zealand is – or better: has been – a “planet for birds”. Throughout millions of years, birds were ruling here and... mehr info >
Iris Zink, Frank Siegwart
44 min German
It seems to be a paradise on earth – the South Seas. Thousands of islands lay like widespread pearls in the wide... mehr info >
Claude Andrieux
53 min French with English subtitles
Finally, a film devoted entirely to the iconic alpine animal, the ibex. A documentary, with striking footage,... mehr info >
Jürgen Eichinger
44 min German
The upper course of the Isar runs in a wide bed between the steep mountains of the Karwendel. Here, a unique river... mehr info >
Andrea Rüthlein
44 min German
Lake Kirchsee is a moor lake born in the last Ice Age. The lake is embedded in a primeval landscape, and the... mehr info >
Zoltan Török
50 min English
They are small, they are angry and every four years or so they appear in masses seemingly from nowhere. Meet the... mehr info >
Erik Balá
51 min Slovak with English subtitles
The chamois are living since more than 10.000 years amongst other inhabitants of the arctic nature in the Tatra... mehr info >
Tobias Schults
45 min German
Life is an eternal struggle. At least in the animal world one gains this impression. Eating and being eaten, mating... mehr info >
Jan Haft
44 min German
This film shows the almost unbelievable diversity of local wild bees and their astonishing ability to adapt... mehr info >
Ryan Peterson
25 min English
Scientists follow the travel of a salmon in Alaska and can’t believe their recordings. The fish makes an unlikely... mehr info >
Hans-Peter Stauber
46 min German
It is not necessary to explain, what a deer is. However, how they really live in our mountains, is only known by a... mehr info >
Yann Sochczewski
50 min German
This film tells the touching story of a lone Ethiopian wolf who lost her pack and is left to fend for herself,... mehr info >
Bernd Reufels
59 min German
In Iceland‘s young Vatnajökull national park, a camera team has accompanied rangers, explorers and adventurers... mehr info >