Alpinism & Expeditions- 32 Beiträge

Films on expeditions and ventures with explorative character in natural environment far from civilisation.

Jon Glassberg
15 min English
Athletes Jorg Verhoeven, Katha Saurwein, and Jon Glassberg live the bouldering dream in Rocklands, South Africa. Join... mehr info >
Matthew Newton
12 min English
This short film is about rock-climbing legend Paul Pritchard, and his attempt to finally conquer the Totem Pole in... mehr info >
Markus Thöß
43 min German
Mario Bornschein, owner of a mountain sport shop in Berlin, wants to bring normal people of the big city to one of... mehr info >
Constantine Papanicolaou
56 min English with German subtitles
When people think of Greece, few realize that the country has high mountains and a winter season with skiing and... mehr info >
Gigi Giustiniani
64 min Italian with English subtitles
In the summer of 1932, Gabriele Boccalatte and Ninì Pietrasanta fell in love whilst climbing the Monte Bianco... mehr info >
Frédéric Favre
106 min French with German subtitles
This is one of the hardest competitions of ski alpinism. For one and a half years, Frédéric Favre has accompanied... mehr info >
Dave O'Leske
95 min English
Hailed as one of the most influential outdoorsmen of all time, Fred Beckey is the original “Dirtbag" climber – one... mehr info >
Jonathan Griffith
31 min English
The 7000m peak Link Sar in Pakistan was an obsession for UK alpinist and photographer Jonathan Griffith. He made... mehr info >
Matthias Mayr
47 min German
The Austrian professional freerider and adventurer Matthias „Hauni“ Haunholder and Matthias Mayr set off to follow... mehr info >
Hans-Peter Stauber
47 min German
For a long time, the Austrian climber David Lama wished to turn to Nepal. The family visit of his ancestors was only... mehr info >
Katrin Denk
26 min German
He is considered to be the most important German organizer of eight-thousand meter peak expeditions after the Second... mehr info >
Damiano Levati
29 min English
Probably no one has explored solo climbing like Hansjörg Auer, whose memorable feat on the "fish route" has forever... mehr info >
David Calek
104 min Czech with English subtitles
The film tells a story of rugged determination and of overcoming human limits. Radek Jaroš is the first Czech and... mehr info >
Iva Božić
7 min English
Two mountain climbers, Ola and Bole, set out on the adventure of their lives – a winter ascent of the dangerous... mehr info >
Léonard Kohli
15 min non verbal
"E.B.C. 5300m" is a film about the Everest Base Camp. The camp, set on a glacier, is assembled and dismantled every... mehr info >
Robert Steiner
26 min German
Among the numerous summits of the Indian Kashmir there is one, which can be considered as the Asian Matterhorn, the... mehr info >
Malte Roeper
47 min German
The Tyrolean mountain photographer Heinz Zak is one of the most important chronicler in the history of free climbing... mehr info >
Brian Hall & Keith Partridge
80 min English
Tears of grief mix with the lashing rain as he stares toward the iconic stack of Orkney sandstone - “The Old Man Of... mehr info >
Franz Walter
20 min German
In 1991, Wolfgang Güllich, Kurt Albert, Bernd Arnold, Peter Dittrich and Norbert Bätz succeeded in the first ascent... mehr info >
Philipp Engel
88 min German
A potpourri of Alpine stories and a time travel into the Alpine history of the last 150 years. A well-informed... mehr info >
Reinhold Messner, Hans-Peter Stauber
46 min German
For local people, any ascent of the 6814m high „Matterhorn of Nepal“ would have been a serious sacrilege due to... mehr info >
Coldhouse Collective
39 min English
The need for adventure and a changing horizon is a natural instinct for many people. In the case of renowned... mehr info >
Jochen Schmoll
12 min German
This documentary featuring the 2016 expedition to the Himalayas of Nepal led by David Lama together with Austrian... mehr info >
Benoît Aymon
52 min Quechua + Spanish with English subtitles
Bruno Jelk and Gerold Biner are well known in the world of mountain rescue. They wanted to transfer their know-how to... mehr info >
Jochen Schmoll
52 min English
3 National Geographic “adventurers of the Year“ set out to a place of pure beauty, while they embark on an insane... mehr info >
Eric Crosland, Tim Symes
20 min English
Professional snowboarder Ralph Backstrom and skiers Hadley Hammer and Sam Anthamatten set out to tackle the fabled... mehr info >
Werner Bertolan
47 min German
On the 8th of May 1978, Peter Habeler from the Austrian Zillertal becomes worldwide famous. Together with his roped... mehr info >
Reinhold Messner
88 min German
5th of September 1970 – Oswald Ölz and Gert Judmaier, two young Austrian mountaineers have just climbed the summit of... mehr info >
Sean Villanueva O'Driscoll
38 min English
Two Belgian (Nicolas Favresse & Sean Villanueva) and three Italian climbers ( Matteo Della Bordella, Matteo De... mehr info >
Philippe Fortin
52 min French with English subtitles
The Alpine Crossing: 621 kilometers travelled, 40.000 meters in altitude. An extraordinary challenge that Pascal... mehr info >
Tashi Wanggyai
43 min German
This film relates the personal story of the boy Soldor from Tibet. Growing up in a time of rapid social changes, he... mehr info >
Gerald Salmina
47 min German
There are only a few climbers who are able to move as fast and as safe in steep ice falls, hardly anyone undertakes... mehr info >