People & Cultures- 17 Beiträge

Films on ethnological topics and cultures in their environment.

Pavol Barabás
65 min English
An adventurous trip on an unknown African river leads to the unique Suri tribe. During the journey we get to know... mehr info >
Sina Moser
62 min German
Thanks to an intensive exchange of letters over thousands of kilometres, two people become more and more acquainted... mehr info >
Curdin Fliri
23 min Rhaeto-Romanic with German subtitles
Domenic Jäger has been waiting for 36 years to shoot a capital ibex. This would be the highlight of his hunter life... mehr info >
Angela Graas
44 min German
For thousands of years, the San, the bushmen in Namibia, have lived as hunters and collectors, in harmony with the... mehr info >
Andy Cockrum
85 min English
The film chronicles the lives of two Sherpa mountaineers, their families and friends who have left the high Himalaya... mehr info >
Andreas Nickel
50 min German
The Messner Mountain Museum – 6 houses, 1 common topic: the relation between “man and mountain”, which is depicted... mehr info >
Dodo Hunziker
84 min German
For more than 60 years Tibetans have been fighting Chinese oppression. But their nonviolent struggle appears to be in... mehr info >
Sébastien Montaz-Rosset
52 min Catalan with English subtitles
In April 2015, ultra runner Kilian Jornet is preparing for an expedition to Everest as part of his project, `Summits... mehr info >
Stanzin Dorjai Gya, Christiane Mordelet
43 min German
Somewhere in the Gya-Miru valley, in the dessert-like mountains of the Ladakh area in the Himalayas, a shepherdess... mehr info >
Mario Casella, Fulvio Mariani
72 min English with German subtitles
Looking for more intense experiences and powerful storytelling, this Swiss film team decided to cross the mountains... mehr info >
Susanne K. Gebhardt
45 min German
South-Tyrol has become a synonym for development and innovation as no other region in the Alpine space. The valley... mehr info >
Jean-Michel Corillion
52 min English
Ranis, Pilna, Aito and Kalakan are part of the Taw’t Bato tribe of Palawan island in the Philippines. After two... mehr info >
Udo Zimmermann
52 min German
In the kingdom of Bhutan, in the central Himalayas, people live according to the Buddhist rules. They strongly... mehr info >
Stefan Maier
45 min German
“I am a child of the mountains“, says the young farmer Giorgi, “I would never leave my homeland.” His homeland is a... mehr info >
Arnold Rauch
26 min Rhaeto-Romanic with German subtitles
The work is like a relic from the past centuries, silent, but full of energy. The horses seem to originate from... mehr info >
René Harder
82 min German
The small village Krasnoschtschelje on the Russian peninsula Kola, north of the Arctic Circle, is inhabited by the... mehr info >
Teresa Camou Guerrero
80 min Spanish with English subtitles
Seen through the eyes of small, midsize and large Mexican maize producers, Sunu weaves together different stories... mehr info >