Stephan Heise (Deutschland)
Schüsse in der Wolfsheide
44 min
Stephan Heise (Deutschland)
Nature and Environment
Again, one of the strictly protected wolves has been in killed in Germany, one of seven in two years. The culprits are professionals who want to make a statement. This is soon evident to Andreas Hoppe, the German actor known from the series “Tatort”, who is active in wildlife protection. Together with an investigator for wildlife conservation, they search for traces. They lead to the taciturn hunters in Saxony, to a hunters fair in Leipzig, where several illegal wolf products are sold, and to the Romanian Carpathian Mountains. There, the investigators learn that a German agency organises wolf hunting for tourists, which is a clear violation of the Berne Convention. The wildlife biologist Christoph Promberger, who has been exploring and protecting the wolves in the southern Carpathians for 20 years, will finally explain how important these animals will be for the genetic diversity of the young and still small wolf population in Germany.