Cornelia Volk (Deutschland)
Wildes Albanien - Im Land der Adler
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44 min
Cornelia Volk (Deutschland)
Nature and Environment
Albania is a small country, however it hosts many undiscovered nature treasuries. In the “enchanted mountains”, a tousled golden eagle chick emerges out of its egg. In the colony of the Dalmatian pelicans on the Adriatic shore, there is excitement. Brown bears wander across the forests and meadows of the average mountains, which are as well a refugium for the feral Albanian horses. European pond turtles and horseshoe bats appreciate the cultural monuments, which are eloquent witnesses of the troubled history of this country. On this exploration of Shqipëri, the last white spot on Europe’s map, the camera films from the perspective of the golden eagles. Again and again, it returns to the nest and watches the small white feather ball growing to the majestic emblem animal of Albania.