Mario Casella, Fulvio Mariani (Schweiz)
Afghan Winter
English with German subtitles
72 min
Mario Casella, Fulvio Mariani (Schweiz)
People & Cultures

Kamera Alpin in Gold 2016

The winner film of category “People and Cultures” interrelates the topics journey, mountain, nature and the cultural identity of the local people, creating a comprehensive all-embracing experience. The film makers do not narrate in a neutral and distant way, as journalists would do. They stick to their identity of mountaineers, coming as visitors who make contact and wish to interchange empathy. This resulted in an expedition film in the best sense. Camera work, sound design and editing are not noticeable at first sight, no cinematographic feature is pushed into the foreground, and therein lies their mastery. Everything is subordinated to the over-all impression, allows the freedom of individual perception and leads us on, without forcing us to follow its lead). The film accompanies us into a land and to people, whom we’ve met so far above all in the stereotypes of war reports and TV news. However, this film brings us really closer to these people. Together with them, we dream of a successful life with its little joys. And together with them, we also experience the adversities which they have to face in their lives. A documentary on top of its art.

Looking for more intense experiences and powerful storytelling, this Swiss film team decided to cross the mountains of Afghanistan in the winter, when skis are the only way to get from one valley to the other. The surroundings of Herat, the Bamiyan region, the city of Kabul and the Wakhan corridor are the main stages of their amazing expedition in a country ravaged by decades of war and steeped in cold and snow. In spite of the many logistical, political and security challenges the film team is faced, they manage to get an insight into the life of the inhabitants of the regions which have been less exposed to clashes between the army and the Taliban.