Stefan Maier (Deutschland)
Georgien - Von Null auf 5000
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45 min
Stefan Maier (Deutschland)
People & Cultures
“I am a child of the mountains“, says the young farmer Giorgi, “I would never leave my homeland.” His homeland is a harsh area with mountains up to 5.000 metres high. Georgia is embedded between the Black and the Caspian Sea, between the Great and the Small Caucasus. Europe ahead, Russia in the back, between tradition and a new start-up. The sea port Batumi dreams of becoming the Las Vegas of the East, whereas in Kakheti the wine is still pressed in huge clay pots, the so-called Kvevris. Everywhere, the Georgians demonstrate their hospitality, their culinary art, and their ability of hard-drinking. In Chiatura, the mining city, people still trust in the old Soviet techniques, the cable cars are still their main means of public transportation. In the Vashlovani National Park, with its bizarre rock formations, the ranger Vashlo campaigns for future tourists.