Brigitte Kornberger (Deutschland)
Alpen abseits des Trubels - Alternative Bergsteigerdorf
44 min
Brigitte Kornberger (Deutschland)
Nature and Environment
Many ski resorts offer hundreds of kilometres of prepared skiing slopes, Alpine fun parks and huge hotel castles to the winter holiday-makers. The opposite model are the so-called “Mountaineer Villages”. Since 2005, the Austrian Alpine Association awards those villages, which did not join the tendency for mass tourism, because they were too remote, they did not have enough money or they simply wanted to be left alone. Today, this is their trump card, because they were able to preserve their historic ambiance, their traditions and – above all – their untouched nature and landscape. Ideal conditions for mountaineers, hikers and all people who are seeking for authentic and relaxing places. In our fast living, hectic time, such people are becoming more and more. Meanwhile, there exist 20 “Mountaineer Villages” in Austria, including the Lesach Valley in southern Carinthia, to which the film by Brigitte Kornberger is particularly dedicated.