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Details Wednesday, 09. Nov. 2011

22:00 | Schubertkino-Saal 2 Ticket Order
“Jon facing the winds”

With Jon, reindeer herder above the Arctic Circle, it's a particular nomadism we discover: traditional and modern life come together in search of a balance. In the lush mountains of Sarek Scandinavians, with the rhythm of migration, we share the... more

  Alpine and foreign cultures (F/E), Corto Fajal (Frankreich) 77 min
nominiert für einen Preis (2011)
“62 Days At Sea”

The Tasman Sea is one of the world’s deadliest and most treacherous oceans, spanning 2200 km between Australia and New Zealand. No one had ever successfully navigated the Tasman by kayak although many had tried - one with a tragic outcome. This is... more

  Adventure (E), Douglas Howard (Australien) 55 min